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ANAHEIM: Finamore Place

Finamore Place Rendering Jamboree new Anaheim affordable multifamily housing


  • For more information about the Anaheim Housing Authority affordable rental housing interest list, call the Finamore Place information line at (714) 855-2855.

Jamboree Housing Corporation, a local nonprofit developer, in partnership with the City of Anaheim is building a new affordable multifamily housing development at the corner of Manchester/Orangewood Avenues (2121 S. Manchester Avenue). Construction is underway, with Finamore Place slated for completion in early 2023.

What’s the latest?

With a laser focus on community health and educational outcomes, Jamboree’s resident services plan for Finamore Place already includes partnerships with Orange County Head Start and the Child Guidance Center.

The Disneyland Resort donated $5 million to the Orange County Housing Trust, a partnership between Orange County Business Council and NeighborWorks Orange County – $3 million of which is earmarked for our Anaheim property at Manchester and Orangewood Avenues.

In March 2019, the Anaheim city council approved this development. The 102-unit property will include apartment homes for workforce families plus 20 apartment homes for residents with special needs, with funding to be provided by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) administered by the County of Orange.

For the city, this achieves another step in its long-term commitment to provide a full spectrum of housing choices. For Jamboree, Finamore Place furthers its goal to designate at least 10% of the homes at each of its new construction properties for people with special needs – making it the fourth integrated property to include Permanent Supportive Housing.

Receiving approval from the City of Anaheim for Finamore Place is just the first step when it comes to affordable housing development. Unlike market-rate housing, which uses traditional financing methods, affordable housing often must rely on government-funded loans, credits, and grants like those voters approved with Proposition 1 in November 2018.

For Finamore Place, Jamboree submitted a funding application with the California Department of Housing and Community Development and received approval in June 2019. Once this funding was secured, Jamboree applied for tax credits through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program in August 2019. Tax credits were approved in December 2019. Since then, all applications have been approved.

Finamore Place is one example of how complicated affordable housing development can be. Which is why, with nearly 30 years of experience, cities across California trust Jamboree to lead them through the process and across the finish line in their pursuit of transforming lives and strengthening communities.

Since 2008, Jamboree and the City of Anaheim have added 700+ affordable homes to the housing supply at seven properties throughout the city. The expanding commitment, momentum, creativity, innovation, and ever-evolving applied learnings has led to Finamore Place. Thirteen years in the making, Finamore Place is another step in a long-term commitment to reclaim the entire Haster Orangewood neighborhood. This long-term public-private partnership and Finamore Place were recognized as finalists in the 2022 Orange County Business Council (OCBC) Turning Red Tape to Red Carpet Awards for Public-Private Partnerships plus Building and Land Reuse and Community Revitalization Programs respectively.

What's the story behind the property name?

Finamore Place is named as a lasting tribute to Marcy Finamore, Jamboree’s former Executive Vice President and CFO, who passed away in July 2020. Marcy played a crucial part in Jamboree’s growth during her 19 years of employment. She helped to grow the company to a staff of more than 95 and oversaw Jamboree’s $12 million operating budget and $3.2 billion asset portfolio.

Marcy's professionalism and management skills were exceptional, second only to her passion for Jamboree’s mission to provide high-quality housing and services, her commitment to community service, and her devotion to her family – whom she called her greatest pleasure. Marcy was a mentor and friend to many.

What does community outreach look like?

Prior to the first of a series of meetings to learn about Jamboree, we posted the meeting agenda and invited you, the community neighbors, to join us to discuss the property design and construction schedule, and to offer your feedback on Jamboree’s proposal for this 102-unit affordable housing development.

The first meeting was on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 10 am and the second one was on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 10 am

A third meeting held entirely in Spanish was held on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 6 pm. All were at the Ponderosa Park Family Resource Center at 320 E Orangewood Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802. 

What was on the agenda? 

  • What’s the history of this site and why was it selected?
  • What’s Anaheim’s prior experience with affordable housing?
  • Who is Jamboree?
  • What is affordable housing?
  • Who are low-income people?
  • What’s the proposed line of sight for the development?
  • Follow-up from the first meeting and other questions from the community?

What was discussed at the first meeting?

Height of the buildings
They are planned to be four stories or 50 feet tall.

Privacy/Line of sight
Residents expressed concerns about loss of privacy due to the height of proposed building and planned tree removal. Jamboree and the City of Anaheim will investigate the possibility of new plantings within the City’s right of way on Lewis and Orangewood Avenues. A request was made to place windows to not face neighbors. Jamboree and the City of Anaheim also agreed to review the project design and explore mitigation measures to reduce line-of-site impacts. Additionally, Jamboree and the City of Anaheim emphasized the buildings will have a 15-foot setback from Orangewood Avenue and will include trees to help address any line-of-sight issues.

Zoning/Traffic congestion
During discussion about zoning for housing and possibility of traffic congestion, neighbors expressed desire for a retail use or park on the parcel. Residential zoning, put in place in 2009, only allows for residential use of this parcel, not open space (park) or retail/commercial. City of Anaheim staff reviewed the process for zoning changes that included a public hearing in which neighbors near the parcel are notified of the pending action. 

Profit on property
There was discussion about the profit the City of Anaheim and Jamboree will make. Both are nonprofits.

Rents are determined by apartment size and household income.

Parking/Traffic congestion
Residents expressed concerns about parking. Based on City staff’s observations and Jamboree’s previous experience, parking has not been a problem in affordable housing developments. The City of Anaheim’s approach to parking in affordable housing developments has always been to exceed parking standards. Based on current standards, the development must provide 184 parking spaces. This property is proposing 198 parking spaces, thus exceeding parking standards.

Additionally, the development will include measures that encourage alternative modes of transportation – including car sharing, free bus passes, and bicycle storage. Lastly, Jamboree will have a City-approved parking management plan in place when the property opens.

Property operations
Residents’ apartments and common areas are inspected annually by Jamboree and its partners such as lenders, cities and other stakeholders. In addition, Jamboree staff frequently interacts with residents through its onsite services and programming.

Residents expressed concerns for the safety of children in the surrounding neighborhood. Who will live in the apartment units? Criminal and financial background checks are performed on every household. Residents sign house rules and can be evicted if they do not follow these rules. The eviction rate at Jamboree’s other Anaheim communities is .56%, which is lower than the national average of 2.34%.

Need for affordable housing/Wait list
The City of Anaheim staff have an ongoing list of 14,000 people interested in affordable housing opportunities in the City of Anaheim as well as a 30,000-person Section 8 wait list. Preference for Section 8 Vouchers and rental units is given to households that meet the Anaheim live and/or work preference.

Construction will take about 18 months. Jamboree pays fees to the City of Anaheim to lessen the cost impact on schools and the utility infrastructure. During construction, the City and Jamboree will do their best to ensure neighbors are not affected by construction. Jamboree takes steps to mitigate issues such as noise, dust, pollution, etc. In addition, there will be onsite electronic surveillance during construction.

Community design

  • Can the community gardens at the property be made available to the surrounding community as well? Jamboree will review the possibility of making the community garden available to the surrounding community. 
  • Will there be an entrance driveway on Orangewood? Yes, an entry-only driveway will be located on Orangewood Avenue. Manchester Avenue will have an entry and exit driveway. 
  • Will there be public art? Yes, the City of Anaheim and Jamboree plan to work with the community to obtain input on design and location of public art. 

Residents and businesses within a 600-foot radius of the parcel were notified about the community meeting on the proposed development of this parcel.

Residents discussed reports of homeless living nearby who may be attracted to the site. Jamboree collaborates with a network of providers who can assist these homeless individuals in the area. 

Additional questions about the proposed development or construction?
Contact Vicky Ramirez of Jamboree at (949) 263-8676.

What was discussed at the second meeting on Saturday, October 6, 2018?

Current property ownership
Anaheim Housing Authority owns the property now.

Environmental review
Yes, the site has undergone environmental review.

Construction days/hours
Construction will typically begin at 7 am. If construction work needs to be done on a Saturday, advanced notice will be given to the neighborhood residents. Construction will not occur on Sundays.

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