The Impact of a Volunteer

How a volunteers actions benefit residents and the environment

Volunteers have impact and benefit residents, environment at Lakeview

As California continues to wrestle with challenges related to severe drought, one volunteer decided to put her beliefs into action. Donna McCormick wanted to do something to help and signed up on the web via Jamboree’s Volunteer page.

Donna came to Lakeview in Irvine, one of Jamboree’s single-family homes for emancipated youth where a once beautiful garden had become overrun with weeds and dead plants. Over the next eight days, she spent about five hours each day to create a beautiful new, zero-care garden for residents. She made a stone pathway and a self-watering raised garden with drought-tolerant plants. Today, our residents love having a beautiful and calming space to walk through and enjoy every day.

You should also know that Donna works for ICF International, a global company that strives “to maximize beneficial impact – for people, businesses, and governments – in areas that matter.” We’re grateful for her beneficial impact in areas that matter to Jamboree – helping to reduce operating costs including maintenance and water, and giving the property better curb appeal for the surrounding neighborhood.

Special thanks to Jamboree partner Lanko Landscaping for removing the weeds and dead plants and clearing the space.

If you have a talent you’d like to use as a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page for opportunities.

Jamboree Lakeview House garden prior to work done by volunteer.
Lakeview House garden after volunteer work.
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