Development Partners

Securing a long-term commitment to affordable housing

Partners at a Jamboree affordable community ribbon cutting event.

Our trusted master developer and joint venture partnerships are a hallmark of Jamboree. Working hand-in-hand with master developers, Jamboree focuses on the importance of incorporating state-of-the-art design that seamlessly integrates into the surrounding neighborhoods, while providing necessary inclusionary housing requirements.

In Jamboree’s early days, our joint venture partners made Jamboree’s expansion possible. Through the years, they continue to help us raise the bar on green standards, as well as secure a continued long-term commitment to the preservation of affordable housing.

To further expand its development horizons, Jamboree is stepping up its outreach to market-rate builders and landowners to establish stronger connections with them for the purpose of being their “go to” affordable housing developer. Additionally, Jamboree has implemented a tactical initiative to promote employer assisted housing, which many industry advocates see as a possible source of new funding to fill the financing gap for affordable housing development.

See some of the master-planned and acq/rehab properties the collaborations with our development partners have created. Contact Roger Kinoshita, Jamboree's Senior Director of Business Development, or connect with him on LinkedIn to further the conversation and explore future opportunities.

Master Developer

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Joint Venture 

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