Affordable Housing Impact Study on Jamboree Residents

Report Reveals Economic, Educational, Social Effects On Residents

Jamboree's 2017 study on the impact of affordable housing on our residents.

Prior to living in a Jamboree community, two out of three residents were unable to afford food. And, 95% of residents made less than $50,000 annually, while 58% were paying more than they could afford in rent.

Once they move to one of Jamboree’s quality affordable housing communities, how have residents’ lives change? Jamboree commissioned a study of residents living in Jamboree’s portfolio of family properties throughout northern and southern California to explore the economic, educational, and social impact of those living in a Jamboree affordable housing development.

In the first of Jamboree’s studies to quantify the impact of affordable housing on its residents who live in our properties, the study asked:

  • How does living in a Jamboree affordable housing development impact a resident’s economic well-being?
  • How does living in a Jamboree affordable housing development impact a resident’s educational experiences in local public schools?
  • How does living in a Jamboree affordable housing development impact a resident’s social well-being and engagement in the community?

How do residents benefit when they spend less on rent?

  • Nearly half of Jamboree residents now have money to spend on more and better food, savings, health insurance and education.
  • 72% of residents report being able to keep a steady job.
  • Jamboree residents report a reduction in their use of public services – a cost savings of more than $8.7 million each year!

How does a more permanent home effect how the children of residents do in school?

  • 41% of residents’ children do better in school when they live in a safe, steady home.
  • Parents are more likely to have time to engage with teachers.
  • Children attend school more regularly.

How does quality affordable housing create community?

  • A staggering 91% of residents feel safer in their Jamboree home than in their previous home.
  • Feeling safe encourages community participation – 51% of residents join in community celebrations.
  • Quality housing nurtures neighborhood involvement – 35% of residents engage in surrounding neighborhood activities.

Want to learn more?

Together, we can build even more quality affordable housing to create even greater impact:

  • Download the Jamboree Affordable Housing Impact infographic for a quick overview.
  • See the full Jamboree Affordable Housing Impact report.
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  • Contact Danielle Latteri, Jamboree Vice President of Community Impact, if interested in a presentation that explores how to conduct affordable housing research that fuels vision, drives program improvement, increases community support, and improves building design to transform lives and create community change.
  • Connect with Roger Kinoshita, Jamboree Senior Director of Business Development, for infographics with municipality-specific findings including: Orange County, Anaheim, Buena Park, Inland Empire, Irvine, Long Beach, Santa Ana and San Diego.
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