Having a place to call home creates positive change

Jamboree provides homes for people we all know – neighbors, parents, those who teach our children or work at a favorite cafe and help our community thrive. We reach out to emancipated youth and those living with mental illness who are eager to define their future in a way that defies their past.

We work alongside those committed to public service and bring together businesses large and small to infuse neighborhoods with new residents that, in turn, create more business. And we do this together  – learning and growing as we keep at it.

The man confined to a wheelchair whose neighbor is now his go-to friend for errands and outings. The elderly, widowed father with a new spring in his step, a new social life and yes, even a few dates. The single mom who counts on our resident services coordinator to be a homework partner for her kids as they study and learn at our community center in the hour or two after they get home from school. The single parent of three who was able to save sufficient money over the seven years she lived in a Jamboree property to eventually become a first-time homebuyer and move her family up the socioeconomic ladder. The students attending and graduating high school, college, technical and trade schools whose quest is a bright future filled with opportunity.


For our residents, how has having a place to call home at a Jamboree community made a difference for you? For our partners, how has helping to transform lives and build strong communities impacted you?

Please share your stories and photos with us on Facebook or by contacting Marissa Feliciano, our Director of Marketing & Communications.  We’d like to feature some of your stories here.

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