Core Values

Fixed guiding principles that keep Jamboree strong

School supplies provided for kids by resident services

Since 1990, Jamboree has maintained an unswerving loyalty to a consistent set of values. While our mission and vision evolve to meet growing demands, these core principles guide our actions as a nonprofit, within the company, with our communities and in the marketplace.

Jamboree is committed to being an equitable and just organization. Jamboree’s commitment to the communities we improve through the development of affordable housing and services, will be equity conscious, with the goal of ensuring all staff, residents and community members are afforded the same opportunities to participate, prosper, and achieve their full potential. Read more about Jamboree's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion here

  • Commitment to Quality We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, which are reflected in the quality of our products, our people, and in the communities we build, manage, and serve. 
  • Open Communication We encourage open, fact-based, and honest communication that welcomes diverse ideas and supports healthy relationships among our Board, staff, strategic partners, and those we serve. 
  • Integrity, Accountability, and Respect We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and treat our residents, investors, partners, and vendors with the utmost honesty, integrity, and respect. As stewards of public and private funds, we are fully accountable to those we serve. 
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Flexibility : We strive to be a creative and innovative leader in our industry, while also remaining flexible to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. 
  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion : We recognize that the history of structural racism in the United States has affected housing practices, along with a wide range of social issues. We are committed to being a fair and morally conscious organization. 
  • More than Shelter : We believe that everyone deserves quality housing that is affordable and that housing is more than shelter. We aspire to help create safe, nurturing, and cohesive communities with responsive resident services. 
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