Community Service Partners

Tailoring solutions to meet the needs of each community

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Resident Services programs are distinct to each of Jamboree’s properties. Our innovative community service partnerships are key in providing needed expertise that extends the capacity of our staff to meet the needs of those at risk of homelessness, unemployment, poor educational outcomes and social failure – not only for our residents, but for the entire community.

Planning for these services at the outset of the design process for each new property supports a focus on the desired community impact. Jamboree looks for the types of services required to meet the specific needs of our residents and the surrounding neighborhood. At many properties, these local partnerships form a Community Collaborative, a committed, long-term approach to evolving goals and needs.

Our collective impact brings the right tools with real solutions to foster positive, lasting change to families, seniors, veterans and many others who are the fabric of the neighborhoods where we all work, live, shop and play. Together, we deliver the results we promise and create the change we hope to accomplish in the world – strong, healthy communities with facilities, services and programs that are sustainable for many years to come.

We are currently working to expand our Community Services partnerships. To learn more, contact Community Service Partners, Vice President of Community Impact.


Community Service Partner Logos from Community Organizations

Community Service Partner Logos from additional Community Organizations in CA


Mental Health:  

Community Service Partner Logos with Mental Health Organizations

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