REACH Summer Learning Reconnects Students

Hybrid in-person and online adventures engage resident kids

Jamboree REACH resident program Teen Fridays

This summer, staff at our properties worked hard putting together a unique, hybrid system to deliver high-quality summer learning experiences for resident kids and neighborhood students. Coming out of 2020’s shut down while carefully navigating the reopening of our community centers for in-person activities, our summer programs covered the spectrum of our REACH Kids program values.

REACH is our resident services approach to customized services for families that encourage the success of kids at our properties and the surrounding neighborhood, both academically at school and practically for work and life. As an acrostic, REACH focuses on five values that enrich the lives of residents – kids, families, the formerly homeless, veterans, seniors, and those living with special needs.

Relationships in a supportive environment

The R value in REACH is for Relationships in a safe, supportive environment. After 15 months of virtual programs, Jamboree’s Community Impact team was eager to re-engage with resident kids and students, who were glad to be back together. With community centers at so many Jamboree properties, we took full advantage of large rooms and outdoor spaces, committed to the safety of the students.

Our eight-week Summer Camp Adventure was a collaboration with community partners to provide fun, creative, and educational activities. Staff worked hard to offer expanded and flexible schedules, with onsite teams making staggered schedules for additional safety in managing the students. Going the extra mile, we also built an online virtual safe space for residents to engage in activities to help support children’s mental health, as well as online learning for families more comfortable participating at home.

Horizons of opportunity

At the other end of REACH, H stands for Horizons that open new opportunities in a global world. At Clark Commons, Teen Fridays provide an in-person opportunity to connect with friends and learn new skills. Thanks to community partner Move More Eat Healthy with Providence St. Jude, teens learned how to prep ingredients and make a simple, healthy pizza as an after-school snack. Working together, students had the opportunity to build friendships, and have fun together. At the end of the program, kids picked up supplies and materials they will use throughout the rest of the month in online, virtual programming. Both teens and their parents left excited to begin in-person programming, and looking forward to the activities ahead.

Help students REACH their potential

  • Give: Help purchase activity materials so our kids at home can continue to learn with our other students in the virtual after-school program. You, your business, or group of friends can encourage their future success by giving today.
  • Donate: If you have a local retail business near a Jamboree property, consider donating gift cards, free items or services, and more as prizes to help us support our kids and their academic achievement in this new school year. For more information, contact Jimena Galvan, Jamboree’s Senior Manager of Community Impact.
  • Underwrite: If you’re a local business or corporate partner, a donation of $250 helps underwrite more learning experiences to inspire more kids at more Jamboree properties.
  • Every dollar counts. As an individual, each $10 or $20 donation adds up to better education. Help provide books, supplies, and other materials for kids and teens.
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