Under the Sea Theme Helps Kids Learn

Children engage in active learning all summer

Jamboree's Highgrove Blossom affordable housing community stem after school science project

Summer is typically a time when kids and their families head for the beach for some water fun. But this summer, kids at Jamboree properties across California are spending a good part of their time Under the Sea, the theme of our six-week summer program.

More than 350 students, grades K to 12 at 28 Jamboree properties are going Under the Sea, immersed in innovative activities and creative learning projects that encourage exploration and creativity.

Learning under the sea

From creating seashell chimes and sand art, to making stained glass dolphins and blue Finding Dory popcorn, younger kids have a variety of hands-on projects intentionally designed to make learning fun. Older students can present a creative idea for a type of Shark Tank contest or not get lost at sea by getting from point A to point B using a treasure map. Shark Week will focus on these ocean predators, while the Oil Spill Challenge creates a simulated oil spill disaster and an opportunity to study ecology and environmental consequences. Resident Services Coordinators have the option to choose and customize a wide variety of projects and activities that will best engage kids at their property.

Why provide summer learning program for kids?

Jamboree’s vision is that every person will live in a strong, healthy, sustainable community. That’s a key reason why our quality affordable housing includes educational services that support mental and emotional learning and help students develop life skills to become successful adults.

We help kids and teens REACH their potential through an acronym of five simple values: Relationships in a safe, supportive environment, meaningful and relevant Experiences, Active and engaged learning, Core skills to discover creative solutions to challenges, and Horizons open to new opportunities in a global world.

Under the Sea activities support these values by offering hands-on projects for active and engaged learning and developing core skills, as well as opportunities for creative thinking and interaction to open new horizons of opportunity. While many after-school programs break for the summer, Jamboree programs continue year-round, helping kids stay active and learning. And, for families who often can’t afford a summer vacation, Under the Sea provides an opportunity for field trips that provide kids with new experiences and perspectives.

Help Jamboree kids succeed

Share the stories of our students

Make a donation to support summer learning

  • If you have a local retail business near a Jamboree property, consider donating gift cards, passes, free items, and more as prizes to help us honor these kids and their achievements this summer. For more information, contact Jimena Galvan.
  • If you’re a local business or corporate partner, a donation of $250 helps underwrite experiences like field trips to places like a local museum, zoo or festival.
  • Every dollar counts. As an individual, each $10 or $20 donation adds up to a wave of learning. Help provide books and supplies for these 350+ kids.


Jamboree’s affordable housing summer program oil spill science project
Jamboree’s affordable community Mendocinio at Talega’s children continue learning over summer holiday
Jamboree’s free onsite summer program makes learning fun kids create blue popcorn
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