Jamboree Marks National Philanthropy Day in OC

Recognizing volunteers and donors, expanding corporate philanthropy

Jamboree's yearly fundraiser celebrates partners and volunteers philanthropy

Jamboree celebrates philanthropy! In fact, we depend on all the ways you donate, volunteer, and everything you do and give to help change the world. Philanthropy is so powerful and inspiring precisely because it’s voluntary. Founded by local Orange County attorney and philanthropist Douglas Freeman, President Ronald Reagan declared the first National Philanthropy Day in 1986.

Today, your philanthropic involvement – whether in mentoring, volunteering, giving financially, staffing an event or showing your support on social media – makes not only the achievement of Jamboree’s mission possible, but also the hope of a better future for our residents and their families.

Celebrating philanthropy in Orange County

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of National Philanthropy Day (NPD), between now and the end of November Jamboree is highlighting the people, companies and opportunities that showcase the difference philanthropy makes in delivering high quality affordable housing with services that transform lives and strengthen communities. Check out the Jamboree Page on Facebook and Jamboree on Instagram as we recognize businesses and individuals who give back to Jamboree. Use the #CelebratePhilanthropy and #GiveBack.

The triple bottom line: profit, planet… and people

Jamboree has also launched more opportunities for corporations to give back and have an ongoing connection with us to help achieve the triple bottom line in their social good efforts. This ongoing connection will provide the leaders and staff of these companies a way to personally give back and connect one-on-one with the residents who benefit from their generosity.

For example, Dr. Brite is the newest smile in our expanding network of philanthropic partners. Understanding the connection between health and housing, Dr. Brite supports Jamboree by donating personal care products to improve the health of children and adults living in our communities. Additionally, Dr. Brite’s team plans to conduct oral health clinics for residents at some of Jamboree’s properties.

Give back to those in need during the holidays

If you’d like to partner with Jamboree to benefit our residents with your company’s philanthropic efforts, we have some immediate options to get started. We have a variety of opportunities to give back over the holidays, as well as throughout the coming year.

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