Staff promotions align for growth

Building on staff commitment, expertise

Jamboree senior level staff promotions align nonprofit developer for growth

The approval of California Propositions 1 and 2 last November is bringing $6 billion of new investment in housing to our state in 2019, targeted for the development of more affordable housing. As one of the largest nonprofit affordable housing developers in California, we’ve made strategic staffing changes to better position Jamboree and create alignment for growth.

Jamboree has always had a high value for promoting from within. This means our staff brings tremendous bench strength to every aspect of housing development; the result of accumulated learning and experience that continues to expand our overall knowledge base. Staff is passionate about our mission, and their relationships with partners and other constituents further reinforce strategic partnerships, build industry support, respect and camaraderie, create new opportunities, and help break down divisive barriers and challenging obstacles to affordable housing.

As the former Vice President of Community Impact, George Searcy spearheaded the evolution of a vision for resident services that grew to encompass a wide range of social services and community partnerships. As Jamboree’s new Chief Operating Officer, George now oversees the Community Impact, IT, and Asset Management teams, to bring focus to strategic plans that will further Jamboree’s breadth and mission. He evaluates operations processes with an eye toward meeting objectives.

Natalie Reider moves from Jamboree’s Director of Community Impact to Senior Director of Community Impact, taking the lead with Jamboree’s evolving mission to provide resident programming and services with measureable community impact. Natalie has taken a lead role in developing REACH, Jamboree’s new approach to Resident Services that supports work/life success with measurable results.

Jamboree Office Manager Andrea Hickman has been promoted to Executive Assistant to our President and CEO, Laura Archuleta, and our Chief Housing Development Officer, Michael Massie. As awareness of our mission continues to expand, demand for Laura and Michael to present our vision of strong, healthy, communities is also growing. Andrea provides greater overall support for the ongoing challenges of growth.

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George Searcy, Jamboree's new COO
Jamboree's newest Executive Admin and Senior Director
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