30th Anniversary

Celebrate building for good

Since 1990, Jamboree has been building for good, developing quality affordable housing with resident services that create strong, healthy communities and transform lives.

What do the next 30 years look like? Laura Archuleta, Jamboree President and CEO, provides a first look at some of our future strategies.

What does it mean to build for good?

  • Work with diverse groups of partners to make it happen: Create market-rate-quality affordable housing, financed for long-term affordability with strategic funding sources and public/private partnerships.
  • Support resident services that create stability for individual success in measurable ways: Housing and services are the keys to true economic, social and educational impact for residents and their communities.
  • Save municipalities and taxpayers money: Continuous measurement of our work has yielded individual success for our residents and tangible benefits for surrounding communities.
  • Get a quick snapshot of what all this looks like in our 30 Years of Building for Good infographic.

Stories of success

A key metric in measuring the good built into every property is the success stories of our residents. Throughout our 30th anniversary year, we'll highlight personal stories of the ways building for good transforms lives. 

  • See how our senior resident services empower residents to stay active and social as they age in place. Fran and Gloria, residents at The Meadows, felt neighbors were disconnected due to COVID-19. Taking matters into their own hands, they started a community newsletter – and the first edition was distributed to all 360 of their neighbors’ households!
  • Julie is a single mom of four boys -- all of whom live with PTSD and/or a mental health diagnosis -- who struggled to find stable housing for her family. Read her story of persistence, and see how this Army veteran finally found safe harbor at Heroes Landing. 
  • See how living at a Jamboree affordable property provided an opportunity for this family to achieve something they never thought possible - the purchase of their own home.
  • Meet Richard, an Army veteran once in a failing economy and a downward spiral. Learn how a surprising turn of events changed his life. See what he’s doing today as a Jamboree resident.
  • Discover other recent resident success stories

Build more good with us

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