How Can Jamboree Help Increase Revenue for Your Church Ministry?

Raise funds, reduce debt, repurpose land, grow legacy

Leading a church isn’t easy, especially when fixed costs keep going up, and church giving seems to be going down. You have a vision to make a difference in your community, but you struggle with tough budget choices that include debt. The worst-case scenario would be that you have to close your doors and walk away from the spiritual legacy of your church in your neighborhood. You feel stuck.

But reaching your world doesn't have to mean losing your church. The good news is there are some creative ways to retire debt, support ministry, and experience a church campus transformation.

The answer to getting “un-stuck” may be literally right under your feet. Consider this: does your church have excess land – a vacant lot or an underutilized parking lot?

See how repurposing unused land can be a vision for expansion, growth, and influence:




Balance reduced offerings with operational costs, retire debt, and find a way for your church to not only survive, but thrive?
Intentionally repurpose assets such as vacant land to create an additional income stream?
Transform vacant or underutilized space for a purpose, rather than just to sell to the highest bidder?
Maximize vacant land or underutilized space as tools to very specifically support outreach to your community and fund your ministry?
Have continued influence in changing the lives of people in your neighborhood and the world?
Partner with a like-minded nonprofit who shares your mission to transform your local community and help those in need?
Be a wise steward of the ministry assets and tools entrusted to you to support the spiritual life of your church?
Grow outwardly into your community by transforming space that will be protected for years to come?

Church property utilization is a forward-thinking solution that can be the catalyst for new beginnings in your church. It’s a tithing alternative that can raise funds to secure your property for today’s generation without the complicated and often negative aspects of a church capital campaign. At the same time, it allows you to retain your land for future generations while providing additional income.

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Five reasons land utilization could work for your church:

Reduce Debt - Unused church land - Jamboree
For a church in crisis, exploring creative ways to transform vacant land or under-utilized property has great potential to reduce debt and provide an alternative source of revenue for your church’s ministry and other charitable activities beyond tithing and offerings.
Grow Influence - Unused church land - Jamboree
For a pastor, church board and leaders, there’s a firm commitment to honor the truths of Scripture by growing in faith and influence. Maximizing church land for the community can affirm the biblical conviction that all people are valued and loved as God’s children.
Long Term Impact - Unused church land - Jamboree
When a church fully develops unused land, it preserves ministry resources and creates opportunity for long-term impact on the spiritual journeys of the people around you in very tangible ways. Sacred land is secured for a spiritual purpose well into the future.
Renewed Purpose - Unused church land - Jamboree
A true collaboration with the surrounding community can energize a congregation with a renewed sense of purpose. Working to literally build something together can provide the positive influence and engagement with their community that many churches dream of.
Potential Revenue - Unused church land - Jamboree
A ministry expansion project or church property renovation can create a steady stream of revenue that augments tithing and congregational offerings, as well as provide enhanced tools and even the possibility of new programs and services for ministry.

Maybe the idea of using land for income is intriguing, but it also seems pretty complicated. And, let’s face it. In today’s real estate market, lots of developers would love to “help” a church with extra land. But you don't have to sell out to stay afloat. That’s why the most important decision is choosing the right partner.

When choosing a partner for a church campus transformation, ask if the potential partner:

  • Uniquely understands the nonprofit world and the need for wise stewardship of resources?
  • Aligns with your goals for tangible, long-term impact for the people and neighborhoods around you?
  • Has demonstrated experience creatively repurposing vacant, odd-sized, or under-utilized land to benefit the community?
  • Is trustworthy, with a proven track record and positive reputation?
  • Has experience successfully navigating city, business and community partnerships, as well as financing, development and construction with a proven strategy?

Now, the big question is: How do you find a nonprofit partner to help raise funds for your ministry?

Jamboree and partners create ministry expansion project
Jamboree's ministry expansion project with one local church includes a network of community partners such as city leaders, the Boys & Girls Clubs and Alzheimer's Association. Together, we've committed to make a difference in the lives of families and seniors, honoring a shared vision to positively influence and transform their neighborhood.

We suggest you look at who is already doing this type of specialized land repurposing. Here’s a real, working example.

A local community church in Southern California faithfully served its neighborhood for more than 130 years, providing activities and support for local families. In the past few years as membership (and offerings) declined, the church looked for a way to leverage some unused property to improve their financial situation as well as impact their community. The church wanted to continue to love their neighbors and keep their church.

That’s when the church selected a local nonprofit to implement their vision for a housing development and community center. Together, they found a way to creatively change a vacant lot into a vibrant community asset. Entering into a 60-year ground lease with the church, the nonprofit developer repurposed 2.2 acres of excess parking space and unused vacant land that provides ongoing financial support for the church’s charitable activities. And in the process, they engaged various local community partners to extend their outreach into the neighborhood.

Wesley Village - Repurposed Unused Church Land Development Jamboree

Today, Wesley Village is a property with two three-story residential apartment buildings that provide affordable housing for working families and seniors, and a large community center for Head Start Learning, with a health clinic, library, and multipurpose rooms accessible to community service providers.

“One of the fundamental principles of our church is that we have a responsibility to innovate, sponsor and evaluate new forms of community that will encourage development of individuals and families to reach their fullest potential. Wesley Village, which is named after the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, is a way our church – together with the city and nonprofit partner Jamboree – is providing land for the creation of a new community that will strengthen the lives of people and promote their health and well being.”  - Reverend Dr. Bau Dang, Pastor

See how Jamboree brings to life its vision to impact people and communities.

What if unused land became a realized new beginning?

What if you could implement a creative strategy to utilize vacant land to generate revenue, and also have renewed impact in your local community? All it takes is some inspired vision with a willingness to explore and a guide who can translate your needs and goals into a reality that will benefit your church and community for years to come.

And, with the 2020 passage of AB 1851 – the Yes in God’s Backyard bill – this approach is gaining momentum so that churches like yours can build affordable housing on the land you own with fewer barriers to parking requirements for the long-term. In fact, the Terner Center at UC Berkeley estimates that nearly 38,000 acres of unused land owned by faith-based organizations is suitable for affordable housing development.

Jamboree Housing Corporation is a nonprofit affordable housing developer with the experience to pave the way to fund more ministry for your church. Our vision is for every person to live in a strong, healthy, sustainable community. We want to end homelessness, and transform people and neighborhoods with hope. That takes faith, and we’ve believed it for more than 30 years.

Jamboree History - 1990s - Stable, affordable housing for families & seniors
Jamboree was founded to meet the need of families and seniors for stable housing they can afford. This transforms families and seniors, giving them the tools to create new beginnings and make a difference in their neighborhoods.
Jamboree History - 2000's - New Construction Partners
We bring together business, city, and social partnerships to provide services around shared goals for the common good of a community. Jamboree does so in a way that influences neighborhoods to grow with vitality.
Jamboree Future - Everyone will live strong, healthy sustainable communities
The ripple effect of affordable housing? Education, health, financial stability, and quality of life are improved. Homelessness, crime, blight, and unemployment are reduced. Families, seniors and those with special needs have opportunity to thrive and influence others.
Jamboree Timeline Today - Increase quality housing, educational outcomes & more
Jamboree collaborates with other like-minded community organizations such as churches for measurable community impact. We work diligently to repurpose unused or underutilized land for higher and better uses for lasting change.

Jamboree values quality, creativity, flexibility and innovation – all in a spirit of open communication marked with integrity, accountability and respect. Our reputation and livelihood are built to last. We seek to join hands with churches that want to “be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes” (Isaiah 58:12).

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Jamboree’s 25th Anniversary celebration, resident testimonies
What's a highlight at Jamboree’s 25th Anniversary celebration? Seeing residents wholeheartedly share their cardboard testimonies about how living in a Jamboree community has transformed their lives and inspired new beginnings. What a poignant reminder for the hundreds of our friends and supporters gathered that evening: Together, we're helping countless residents write a new story of hope for the future. Truly, it was a spiritual moment!

Explore repurposing land to generate income and church financial support. Begin by gathering more information that will help open the discussion on your end about the potential possibilities. Roger Kinoshita, our Vice President of Real Estate Acquisitions, is specifically dedicated to this purpose and will handle initial inquiries with discretion. He’s here to answer any question you have that will help you fully understand the process. Roger is available at 949-214-2345, or

Don’t wait! Learn more about how to offset decreased giving by increasing revenue for church ministry. Keep your church alive when costs are up and giving is down. Find new revenue for ministries and operations without selling out. Discover the possibilities that may exist for you and your church. Contact Roger today.

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